About our brands

The Aurora and Cloke brands are our very own.  It’s always been that way too.  You see, we like to control the quality and that starts with the design process, right here in Invercargill.  That way, we can make sure we use the ideas and suggestions we are so grateful to receive from our friends in the industry.  It means the garments are adapted to the local market and become just that little bit more Kiwi*.  

*It’s true – most imported clothing isn’t made for NZ.  It seems we’re just too small a nation to worry about for the big brands.



Since 1994, Aurora garments have been designed to support a spirit of discovery, of embracing the unexpected and seizing opportunities.
The range of jackets, merino tops and teamwear has supported individuals, companies, teams and groups to get the most out of each and every day.
Today, Aurora is worn by a number of leading teams and organizations throughout New Zealand.



Cloke is all about being comfortable with who you are and in the clothes you are in.
A ‘cotton casual’, Cloke has been providing attitude since 2015 through their urban hoodies, tees & more. Individually worn by skateboarders, surfers and those with a defining lifestyle, Cloke is also the supporting act. Cloke garments are the base for many brands, logos, teams, groups and schools. Anyone who wants to add their stamp…or their attitude.