T-shirts 101


As we have been fielding a lot of questions about our new tees, we’ve put together a brief overview on our new Outline and Silhouette Tees, and some general T-shirt info.


Yep, cotton is the major ingredient that makes or breaks a T-shirt.
There are a lot of different varieties, and we could go on for a long time, but we will instead just talk about a couple:

cottonCarded, Open end cotton is the price-point variety.  Raw cotton is fed into a carding machine, which aligns the fibres and removes major impurities.  The remaining cotton fibres are fed into an open-end spinning rotor, which uses air jets and centrifugal force to create the yarn from which the fabric is knitted.

Combed, Ring-spun cotton starts off with the same cotton fibres.  After carding, the raw cotton is passed through a series of brushes that comb out any remaining impurities and short cotton fibres.  Ring spinning machines then draw and twist the fibres into yarn, making it tighter and thinner.


You guessed right, the Cloke Outline and Silhouette Tees are made from premium combed, ring-spun cotton.



There are two main methods of manufacturing T-shirts:

In Tubular construction, yarn is knitted into a continuous cylinder which is then cut to length to form the body of the shirt.  Sleeves and neckband are then sewn on.  No side seams are required.

With Side-seam construction, yarn is knitted into rolls of fabric which is then cut to shape.  This allows for tailored and tapered fits, as the front and back of the shirt can be cut to the perfect shape.

We probably don’t need to mention that the Outline and Silhouette have got side seams…


The big reveal! Introducing Cloke T-shirts


Good things come to those that wait.

After a huge amount of research, testing and development, we are excited to present the Cloke Outline Tee and the Cloke Silhouette Tee.

We’ve focused on two points in particular with these tees: Fit and Quality. Fit is pure 2017, while the garments themselves are created from 100% ring-spun combed cotton – incredibly soft and smooth, with exceptional print results.

There’s a big size range – up to 7XL with a great range of colours carefully selected to tie in with our hoodie range.

Check them out here now

Aurora + Cloke website – Relaunched


We’re excited to announce the relaunch of the Aurora + Cloke website!

First thing you’ll see is the new, cleaner look and improved navigation.
Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find:

  • Now mobile friendly
  • Improved search function
  • Create your own favourites list
  • View stock levels without being logged in

Once you’re logged in with your distributor credentials, you can view prices and place order as before.

Existing users: You will need to re-set your password when logging in to the new site for the first time.  Click here to do this now.

Note: If you have tried doing this already you may not have been able to set your preferred password. This has been resolved now – please try again.

New users: Click here to register for a distributor login.

Happy browsing!

Leavers Catalogue 2016


It’s that time of the year, when the class of 2016 are thinking about commemorating the end of an era! So we’ve put together an e-catalogue featuring our leavers styles.
This catalogue can be personalised with your company details.  Simply:

1.       Download here and save to your desktop
2.       Open with Adobe Reader (not in your browser)
3.       Add your details to the front and back pages and save
4.       You’re done – email it to your customers, or embed on your website!

Slim fit Campus Sweatpant


Featuring a slimmer cut than our other track pants, the CMP Campus Sweatpant is destined to be your new favourite. The classic combination of comfort and style makes these equally at home on the street or in your lounge.

  • 280gsm poly/cotton
  • Brushed back fabric for comfort
  • Slim fit
  • Side Pockets
  • Reinforced seat seam
  • Cuffed legs
  • Sizes S – 3XL

Custom drawcord option – Replace the standard white drawcord with any of these colours (extra charge applies):