Ethical Manufacturing

Aurora & Cloke garments are manufactured in factories around the globe, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region.

The current pandemic has seen disruption of the fashion industry on an unprecedented scale, with many clothing brands, large and small, cancelling orders as a result; setting off a domino effect that ultimately leads to workers losing their livelihoods.

While we are very selective in choosing factories that look after their employees, in 2020 the shoe has been on the other foot – it has been our responsibility to look after our suppliers. And yes, we are pleased to say that all our orders and supply commitments have been honoured.


The apparel supply chain is a long and complex one. The main component – the fabric – starts at the cotton field, or the merino sheep, or the lab. From there it takes a long journey through the stages of yarn spinning, knitting or weaving, dyeing and several sub-processes; before it can be cut, sewn, & trimmed; then final quality control and packing.


While parts of this journey are highly automated, others – particularly the final cut / make / trim (CMT) – are not; with literally hundreds of millions of workers across the globe directly employed in the final assembly of garments.


Unfortunately, not all of these workers are treated well, as companies look to put profits before people. The neglect, abuse and harmful working conditions in these companies is a blight on the clothing industry and has no place. It certainly has no place with us.


Our Factory Code Of Conduct sets out our expectations and minimum requirements for our suppliers and the CMT factories they use.


In summary, it comes back to our core values:  Doing things right and doing the right things.  After all, what’s the point in having great garments if you can’t feel good about how they were made?