Ethical Manufacturing

A lot of manufacturers make clothes.  A good number of manufacturers make great clothes.  But only a small number make great clothes in an ethical and sustainable way.

Manufacturing is the backbone for many Asian countries, employing literally millions of workers.  Unfortunately, not all of these workers are treated well, as companies look to put profits before people. The neglect, abuse and harmful working conditions in these companies is a blight on the clothing industry and has no place.  It certainly has no place with us.

So we are very selective in choosing factories.  We believe supporting manufacturers that look after their employees is the single most effective step clothing companies can take to ensure ethical manufacturing wins.  It’s simple really; more business to the caring factories enables them to employ people that previously worked at the unethical ones.  If enough of us insist on this, together we can bring change and improvement to those thousands of lives.


We have set out the WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) 12 Principles as minimum requirements for our partner factories in Asia.  Read about them here.

To ensure continued compliance, we also conduct audits – click here to download a recent example.  Note this report has been sanitized as it contains commercially sensitive info.


In summary, it comes back to our core values:  Doing things right and doing the right things.  After all, what’s the point in having great garments if you can’t feel good about how they were made?