Screenprinting tips

screen-printing-pressMost sweatshirts, hoodies, and performance garments contain a percentage of polyester, for its strength and stability. It is also more colourfast than cotton in normal wash and wear.

However garments with a polyester content need more care at the high temperatures associated with screenprinting. If overheated, dye from the polyester can ‘migrate’ into the ink. This can appear immediately after the ink is cured, or hours or days later.

To prevent this:
* Print with low-bleed, high opacity inks designed for printing on fabric with a polyester content.
* Use no more heat than necessary to cure the ink; max 160 degrees C.
* Print and flash-cure a low-bleed white or similar under base, then print the desired color.



Embroidery is the best option for decorating softshells.

If you require a screenprint, use a cold-cure catalyst to prevent dye migration.  We do not recommend regular screenprinting or heat transfers on softshells.