Social Responsibility

Our aim is to be a truly positive contributor to society.
In particular, we have focused on three main areas:

The Workplace:Gespräche im Office
Our employees, both direct and indirect, are instrumental to our company. We believe a positive and engaging workplace is critical, as is the ability to individually grow and succeed in life. We strive to provide a work environment that is safe, healthy and happy.
Our partner factories must adhere to the guidelines set out in our Factory Code of Conduct for the well-being of all indirect employees.
recycle round sign
Based on the simple 3-R’s of reduce, re-use, recycle; we have a ‘less-paper’ office, we re-use cartons and bags where possible, and our recycling program takes care of what cannot be re-used. Cartons are natural brown – not bleached white.

We strongly believe in ‘giving back’. Every year part of our profits are donated to charitable organisations; recent recipients include The Starship Foundation, Red Cross, Hospice Southland, Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Neurological Foundation and Stroke Foundation to name a few.